Paper Weight, not Paperweight

Fear not, I will explain how paper weights work and tell you what you need for what. Paper weight is based on the weight of 500 sheets of paper. What you may not know that the weight is based on the sheets of paper being 17 X 22 inches. Ah ha, see? You thought it was based on an 8.5 X 11 inch ream of paper. It gets a bit more complicated when it is a larger sheet used for offset printing but while absolutely fascinating (it is to me) that’s not how we roll here at this blog. Here’s what you want to know:
Bond or office paper is commonly 20lb bond (By the way it’s called bond because government bonds were once printed on this light weight paper). It’s what goes in the copier or printer.
Writing paper–letterhead, resumes, stationery, etc. 24lb writing (range of 20lb to 28lb)
Text paper–brochures, inside report pages 60lb to 100lb. It folds easily and is good for brochure and flyers. 70lb is a very nice envelope weight.
Cover paper–Covers, business cards, greeting cards, invitations all do well as 80lb. Postcards are usually 80lb–90lb.


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