How is this going to be printed?

Once upon a time the only option for printing was offset printing. (Printing on a printing press by a professional printer.) Today we have options, traditional offset and digital. Digital printing is like your home or office printer on steroids. In the hands of a professional digital printing can be a wonderful thing. It doesn’t replace traditional printing and the look is different. Offset printing can do things digital cannot and digital can do things offset cannot. We will get to that later. So how is something going to get printed and why do you care? Cost, look, time. Digital printing can cost less that offset–for small runs, Offset is better for larger pieces and higher runs. Digital printing can’t print certain things as well as offset, for instance, large areas of solid color will not print as well digitally. Large size pieces are not economical printed digitally, but 500-1000 postcards? Digital is likely your best bet. This how you know, first determine what you are printing, a postcard, a folded invitation with gold foil, or 18×24 poster then ask your printer. Digital printing will not print specified colors exactly but they can come pretty close. If color is absolutely crucial, think Ford Blue, offset may be your preferred method. Knowing how a piece is going to get printed is incredibly helpful to a designer in making sure the design suits your needs and will look great, all within your budget.


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  1. Thanks for this article I really liked it. Thumbs up 🙂

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