Spot–come, sit, stay.

As promised, here it is, SPOT COLORS! Pantone is the brand name of the ink most commonly used by commercial printers. CYMK are the colors used for four color printing and spot colors are either used in the two color print process or as a fifth color to four color printing. A spot color is a specific color based on a prescribed formula, by the Pantone company. Think of spot colors like a paint display at the home improvement store, all those colors, all those tints. Spot colors are very much like that. If you’re printing in two color, and you have your heart set on a peachy pink color, your printer will mix that specific color according to the Pantone formula and there you go. Hundreds of colors are available. Your printer will have a swatch book, think paint chips, if you use a designer (you should) they have the colors resident in their graphic design programs. It’s all good.


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