Finding the perfect partner–it can happen!

I’m referring to fonts of course. Font pairings has been a topic in design circles this summer. And yes, I suppose I’m using a blog topic on another blog, so what? It’s all new to you right? Let’s move on. Using one typeface for headings and pull quotes and another for the body will give a type heavy page balance and a clear segue to the next section or concept. The reason why I’m addressing this at all is because when you receive a draft from a designer I want you to look at the type. Don’t read the copy, look at it. Does it flow? Does it feel right? Think about if the headings are the right weight for the body. Chances are it is right. Asking your designer to be mindful of their type choices before they begin the project is fine especially if the document is particularly type heavy. What I’m not advocating is you start questioning every choice your designer makes. I actually am hoping you will notice the good, solid choices your designer made and appreciate their skill and understanding of you. Now if the unheard of happens and the type choices are not quite what you hoped for here is a list of pairings you can steer your designer too.

And for those who have the occasional task of preparing a word document, I’ve included here a few font pairings for the PC. I tried to use typefaces you most likely have resident on your system and will not cause font problems if the document is opened on another system. That of course can be avoided by saving and sending your file as a PDF. Now as a designer I’ve done the unconceivable. I’ve included pairings with … Times. In the design world, as all sapient people know, Times is going out of fashion or has gone out. Or has it? Who knows. Don’t sweat it, for you it’s the message, not the medium.

  1. Arial–Garamond
  2. Century Gothic–Bookman
  3. Futura– Palatino
  4. Franklin Gothic–Times
  5. Gill Sans–Times

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