Yes, size does matter

The United States Government requires all government sanctioned printed material intended for those sixty–five years or older be printed in a font no smaller than 12 point. All government forms for Medicaid, Social Security and the rest has to be in 12 point type. And you ask, “Lisa, why do I care about that?” You care because that’s not a bad rule of thumb. Even if your audience is far younger using 12 point type is going to go a long way towards making sure your message comes across loud and clear. Once type begins to get smaller, it well, gets smaller. Try reading the text on the bottom of a tube of lipstick some time. Even my 17 year old niece can’t make it out. I know, everything can’t be 12 point. All I’m asking is to start with 12 point and keep readability in mind. Speaking of readability let’s talk about reversed type. Don’t. Okay fine, but only a little, no whole paragraphs or pages in reverse type, please. And please, follows these tips for reversed type.

1. No smaller that 10 point.
2. Use San Serif typefaces.
3. More space between lines (leading).


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