Embedding? Go on, tell me more

Embedding, not in bed, not deep in the arms of Morpheus. Embedding is a nifty little thing that Microsoft Office can do with images and what PDFs do with typefaces and images. Have you ever gotten a Word document that when you opened it up it was in courier or the tables were all jumbled? That’s because you probably didn’t have the font (typeface) that the document was created in and your computer substituted courier (). When a font or image is embedded the information that creates the visual you see or read is implanted in the document itself, lives there, rent free. PDFs do that, they embed. That’s why you want to send documents to others as a PDF. PDFs cross platforms (PC to Mac), it can be read on compatible smart phones, your desktop printer will print what you see on screen. PDFs are lovely, versatile and can be created out of almost any document and nearly every application.


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